Friday, June 17, 2011

An Award!!! =)

Thanks to Melissa for this award! =)

That is lovely, not lonely, right!?!?!? =) LOL

I am supposed to answer these questions, so here it goes...

You're stranded. On an Island. You have nothing. what do you do?

Hopefully that will never happen so I don't have to think of what to do! =)

what is your favorite feature: Eyes, feet, nose, etc?


Ponytail or bun?

I like curly or messy buns (whatever you want to call them), but if it's any other bun; I'd prefer a ponytail!

Are your ears pierced?


What are you scared of?
ummm......Little creepy crawly thingys...such as snakes and spiders.

Short or tall?

short =)

would you rather be 13 or 30?

Neither! =) How about in between!?

Chocolate or roses?

Both are very nice, but I think I like chocolate better! =) YUM!!!

Melissa already awarded Sandy and Delila, but if you want to be awarded again, you are welcome to it! =)
I am awarding my great friends...
Kevin Glick Family

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  1. Wow! I've never received a blog award before! Thank you! And...I didn't know you even HAD a blog! What a fun discovery. :)