Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Produce Auction...

 My sister has been hauling produce for an Amish neighbor two mornings each week. This morning I decided to go with her so I could snap a few photos. It was my first time ever being there!!!
Waiting for everyone to get there and start auctioning everything off was a bit boring ...but occasionally an old guy would walk up for a short chat or to joke around. 
This particular feller, who was also walking around with a camera, came up to show me a couple pictures he had taken at an auction some years ago...
Before the auction everyone, which is mostly old fellers and Amish guys, wanders around looking at all the produce...
 Since the battery on our truck hadn't been holding a charge so well lately we were a bit worried that it wouldn't start when it came our turn to drive through. Thankfully it started just fine...but the poor guy behind us didn't have the same results.

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  1. Nice pictures! I like the one of all the horse lined up at the rail, and the last photo of the web is purty cool to... :)